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Love, Sara Faye

Hi! Welcome to my fashion and lifestyle diary.

A little bit about my background: I'm Filipino, German and Irish. (Filipino on my mom's side.) I'm a proud hapa, which is basically anyone who is half Pacific Islander or of Asian descent, mixed with something else.

I originally started blogging to document my outfits but along the way, I also grew a love of all things lifestyle, skincare, and travel. That ultimately led to me bringing all my passions together in a journal, love-letter style.

For three years, I worked as fashion editor for FashionUnited in downtown Los Angeles. I moved from there to a digital marketing firm in Santa Monica currently, where I help with strategy and content for clients specializing in social media and influencer relations.

On my blog, you'll find contemporary and urban wear, style tips, skincare recs, plus my take on wherever these size 6 feet can take me.


Sara Faye