All I Want for Christmas This Year

Zara at The Grove in Los Angeles

Zara at The Grove in Los Angeles

Is it just me or does anyone else make a Christmas list each year? Usually this is because someone in my family or friends circle will incessantly bug me about what I want. And typically, when I’m first asked, I can’t really think of anything. And it’s really not until I’m out gift shopping for everyone else on my list that I start seeing everything on Earth I could possibly want. And then I end up buying it… for myself.

But this year I’m trying to be a little bit better about that. I did most of my Christmas shopping already and only bought 2-3 things for myself, so I’m taking that as a win.

And as a general rule, I always get mad at my boyfriend buying himself things instead of subtly hinting at what he wants. He’ll tell me he wants a new backpack, and literally the next day he’ll order himself one. Who does that!?

And whenever I ask my parents what they want, they always chime in, “I don’t need anything.” While I appreciate the humble effort, y’all know I’m going to get you a gift. What would be really helpful is a list of 5-10 specific items based off of various different interests of yours so I can create you the perfect personalized gift. (Please also include a color palette, your size, and brand preference). Is that too much to ask for?

In any case… these are a couple of items I have my eye on this December. Santa if you’re out there, hook a girl up.

Christmas Wish List

Obsessed with all things neutral lately. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the winter season but I’m just in a cozy mood and have been gravitating towards beige, off-whites, and creams.

If I had a Kim Kardashian budget, I would definitely get my hands on this Theory skirt. Did I mention my bf’s family is having a plaid-themed Xmas? I’m pretty sure this means I need that in my life.

There’s something about this I.AM.GIA hoodie that just catches my eye. It looks so comfy and perfectly oversized. And these earrings seem like an amazing dress-up accessory to any casual everyday uniform.

What’s on your list this year? And let me know if you’ve been obsessed with neutrals too!


Sara Faye