Visiting Gianni's Versace Mansion in Miami

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The Villa Casa Casuarina

For any style aficionados visiting Miami, you can’t miss Gianni's Versace mansion. In traveling here, my friends and I decided to make a dinner reservation to enjoy the full truly decadent dining experience. Although I wish we could've seen it during the day in its full insta-glory, it felt pretty becoming to observe everything in a romantic evening setting too.

The Versace mansion had two stories of architectural decor--three if you count its relaxed rooftop lounge. Its dining room was full of embellishments, stones down to every last detail. Even its bathrooms had gold framed mirrors and glass-stained windows for an overall elegant flair.

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Outside, you can see the Versace fountain, with palm trees flailing up above and on its sides. True to her spirit, Miami started raining on us just as we went outside to view the fountain. Just enough warning for us to run back inside to the roofless mansion and find refuge under its pillars and staircases.

Gianni's at the Versace Mansion

We enjoyed a coursed out dinner which involved a unique pasta pescator with black linguine, scallops, and aglio e olio. As aglio e olio is known as a traditional pasta dish originating from Naples, it was nice to experience a fully renown Italian plate at the mansion. If you're willing to spend a couple extra bucks on a lavish meal, I'd definitely recommend giving Gianni's a second look.


Sara Faye