7 Hidden Gems to Visit on Your Next Trip To Seattle

seattle pike place market

On my latest trip to Seattle, I took the non-touristy approach and went to a couple of underground and local spots (okay, besides the Gum Wall and Kerry Park.) I tried to find a few things that were a little more under the radar while we were there.

I had curated favorites folder on Yelp of some of the best things to do in Seattle that came up for the trip, but my boyfriend and I also wanted to take the old school pre-Yelp approach: walking to places randomly on the street and just trying it out. (I know, SO RISKY). It’s almost crazy to think that’s the only way we used to go to restaurants and bars – with no insta-research beforehand. What a time to be alive.

So in our blasé approach, these are some of the best places to visit in Seattle that really impressed us and made our list:


Cocktails & Spanish libations served with Iberian-style small plates

If you haven’t been here before, Jarr Barr will not disappoint. The place was super quaint and cute, perfect for a romantic tapas style dinner or to go to with some friends. As the name suggests, you can choose piparras, anchovy stuffed olives, jose gourment mackerel (in jar form) and more for toppings, along with crackers as a side. It was the perfect bite, accompanied by mellow jazzy music in the background.


The Pink Door

Italian restaurant with burlesque shows & entertainment

Okay, this one’s a little touristy I’ll admit. And there’s ton of people that come here to take a photo in front of the door (also, guilty there). But, this place was a great little Italian dinner spot in the city. They have burlesque and other shows on the weekends, so if you plan on going, I’d book a reservation in advance!


Beecher's + Bavarian meats

On-the-go specialty-made cheese and Seattles’s “best meats” in Pike Place Market

If you like cheese or charcuterie, you have to make a stop by Beecher's. It’s basically like a mini-cheese factory, and I was obsessed (think Disneyland for cheese-lovers). They have everything from grilled cheese and mac to little bite-sizes pieces in garlic olive oil. We opted for the mini pieces and then ran next door to Bavarian Meats to pair, great little grab-and-go snack to have while still wandering around Pike Place.


Pioneer Square

Neighborhood complete with coffee shops, art galleries and trendy bars

pioneer square seattle fashion blogger

Honestly, it’s just a cute place to walk around at night to see all of the lights. We were there for the holidays so I’m not sure if it’s all year round, but it was nice to walk around in our peacoats and check out all of the stores and shopping stands. We loved it (clearly a perfect place for a bitchin’ photo op).


Porpoise Doughnuts

For those that love hand-made donuts and a local coffee brew

general porpoise doughnuts seattle

I’m really not much of a donut person, but these cream-filled bites might actually be the best I’ve ever had. They’re known for their variety of flavors, creams, custards, and local jellies.  Perfect way for you to start your day with a vanilla creme-flavored donut and some espresso on the go.

Gum Wall Alley

Yes, literally gum on a wall in an alley near Pike Place Market

It’s kind of interesting that this wall is so popular because our first thought when we got there was pretty much Summer Roberts’ catch phrase in the O.C. circa season 1, “Ew.” It was cool to see, but we didn’t stay for long haha. Right next to it though was a pretty cool wall with graffiti and newspapers, if you pick just the right spot you may even get a picture like the above (hi babe!). :)

The Bar Shoppe & Lounge

Bar and boutique-style lounge with live music and karaoke

bar lounge seattle asian girl

This bar was a surprising treat for us. I believe they have 1 dollar drinks for a 1-2 hour time frame on the weekends, and then at night it becomes more of a dancing bar. Needless to say, we had a pretty good time there!

Best Places to Visit in Seattle

All of these places were pretty amazing and fun to check out. There were way too many to list, but if you have some time definitely check out Dead Line (order their Thing 1 and Thing 2 drinks) and the Zig Zag Cafe (recommended from our server at JarrBarr) for top-tier cocktails and swanky vibes.

Overall, my lasting thought of the city was that the vibe of Seattle is very relaxed but sophisticated. The main difference we saw from here and Los Angeles is that here, there were a lot more low-key bar places where you come just come after work to unwind with some friends (while LA can be a little more intense at times).

All these places were small, quirky bars with cute décor (I noticed a collaged frame theme throughout all of these places) that had amazing mixology drinks—I honestly feel we didn’t have a single bad drink when we were there.

And the city itself was beautiful, walking around so many trees (that aren’t palm trees) was a nice touch - we don’t get that enough in LA.


Hope you enjoyed!