Classy New Year's Eve Couples Getaway Ideas

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I’ve only ever known NYE as an excuse to go out, forget my name, and wake up with a fuzzy memory and lots of embarrassing stories. This also usually included flashy outfits, worrying about who I would kiss at midnight, and making sure I was going to the best party of the year.

At the age of 27 going on 28, New Year’s Eve plans become a little different. Instead of going out to a club, I crave going somewhere mellow, settling down with a nice dinner and a fancy Sauvignon Blanc. I want to get a little dressed up and hit the town but I don’t want to wake up with a migraine on New Year’s Day.

So this year, my partner-in-crime and I decided to forego the the craziness of NYE and plan our own little intimate getaway. We decided a couple weeks ago that we’d have to figure out our plans fast, if we wanted to get an airbnb while they’re still available. We were choosing between Palm Springs, Temecula, San Diego, and even Yucca Valley.

Palm Springs seemed dreamy and like a good excuse to soak in a hot tub and cleanse before the new year. Temecula was a viable option because I’m a sucker for wine tasting and any charcuterie plate. We also were thinking of going to the mountains for a refresh of scenery (I’ve always wanted to camp in one of those dreamy tipis).

But we ultimately decided on San Diego, because it seemed like the perfect mix of having a nice night away, but also being close enough to any bars if we wanted to go out for a little and enjoy the city life.

We booked this cute little place just near downtown for $69 a night, which felt like the perfect end to a crazy year. Since we didn’t end up booking any of the other places, here are a couple of airbnb’s we were eying if you would also like to get away this year:

Palm Springs


La Jolla

San Diego

Yucca Valley

Mountain Center

Even though we decided on our quaint little getaway in SD, I’m still keeping tabs on a lot of these places for weekend trips in the future. I definitely want to check out the private suite on Mountain Center, and when the weather is warmer I’m absolutely going to book Yucca Valley’s Sanctuary Tent Hideaway (fulfill those tipi dreams). I know some of these places are unfortunately booked already for NYE, but hopefully they catch your eye for a getaway later in 2019!


Sara Faye