Spill the Tea: Summertime Sadness Edition

Reformation  top,  Mejuri  necklace

Reformation top, Mejuri necklace

Guys, I can’t believe it’s already September. Actually, it’s mid-September.


I’m just going to distract myself of the inevitable with some of my favorites and must-reads for the month… This is fine. Everything is fine.

Haha honestly though, I am actually okay with it. (turning 28.) I think 27 was a great year for me, but I only have bigger and better plans for 28. 27 was really about self-discovery, self love, and setting the vision for my dreams and goals. So I think 28 is really going to be the year that everything comes together.

Plus your 30’s are really your fabulous Sex and the City years, so I’m excited for that. Like, I can wear heels to work, my wardrobe is finally shifting from trendy pieces to timeless staples, I’m actually starting to invest more in my skin and mental well-being, and I’ve grown out of the phase of wanting to dye my hair a different color every year. If that’s not adulting, I’m not sure what is.

On that cheery note, here is your monthly fashion round-up:

Monthly Round-Up

5 New Style Hacks to Start Trying Now, According to NYFW

In case you’re like me and had major fomo from NYFW, here’s a little recap so you can at least dress like you were there.

I Was Caroline Calloway:
Seven years after I met the infamous Instagram star,
I’m ready to tell my side of the story.

Is anyone else LIVING for this? Idk, I really need more things to fill my time. But I caught up on my reading for my book club, so this kind of popped up and is like the biggest influencer scandal of the year? The TLDR is that Natalie Beach served as a ghost writer for Caroline Calloway, which led to her rapid rise to influencer fame. But the TEA. Natalie basically released an exposé to The Cut. Buzzfeed has also covered this, and you can even take a quiz to find out if you’re more Natalie or Caroline (I got Caroline and idk how I feel about it).

How to Tighten Skin

Obv, I’m obsessed w goop. So when I saw this article I was v interested because I have an actual baby face. I guess it’s a good thing because nowadays people say I look 23, BUT, that being said I’m really into this trend of skincare regimens that help combat what I suffer from: chubby cheeks syndrome lol.

Easy Summer Pieces from Madewell

Even though it’s not summer anymore, honestly I feel like these can be worn year round. Plus, I’m such a fan of Lauren @discodaydream, if you’re not following her, you definitely should be! All the minimal vibes. <3

Why Was NYFW Trendless This Season?

Another MR piece, but I always love when Leandra writes the articles. And I thought this was a really interesting take. I really do think the new wave is having pieces that are more timeless and classic, instead of crazy big trends—but then again if you know my personal style I could be a little biased lol. If you have thoughts on NYFW or if you went, pls lemme know your thoughts in the comments x

Adam Brody Knows He’s Still Seth Cohen to You

Because he’s always a MCM vibe. And who can ever have enough of Cohen, honestly.

10 Bags That Will Define Fall Style

And since we are transitioning to fall, here’s a quickie trend piece by Who What Wear.

Thanks for reading guys.. and if anyone finds out what happened to #PlateGate pls lmk??