Spill the Tea: Best Reads and Podcasts of the Month

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Back again with some of my favorites this month (you can find last month’s here). Every month, I’ll compile some of my favorite newsworthy, op-ed pieces, books, podcasts and any other faves that I think are worth highlighting for you guys.

This month’s faves range from all the topics of fashion, style, home, skincare and just pure entertainment. So hopefully on your down time after work, or on a slow Friday haha, you’ll have some time to catch up on some of these guilty pleasures.

Monthly Round-Up

Lauren Conrad: Asking For a Friend Podcast

While I may have been #TeamKristen (I love Very Cavallari), I’m also still a huge fan of LC. Her podcast came out this month and it’s everything you’d expect it to be: fun, cute, and all lifestyle girly things. It’s a light listen to during your morning commute, or even going through some emails at work.

Into the Gloss: Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Expert

I’m a fan of this interview because she talks about how less makeup becomes the norm as you get older, and that’s something I’m getting very comfortable with moving into mid-later twenties. AND she’s a fan of Kiehl’s. Read her ITG to see some of her foundation, makeup, and skincare product recommendations.

The Going-Out Tops of ‘The OC’ Just Got Their Own Instagram

Because I’ve always been a fangirl of the O.C., aka the best show ever. ManRepeller is always such a good read, so this in harmony with Summer Roberts is just pure gold, yanno?

How Aimee Song Turned Her ‘Song of Style’ Passion Project Into a Mega-Influencer Platform

Reallyyy good article on one of the OG’s of fashion blogging. I actually remember following her when I first started my blog (it used to be called Cozy & Racy.. don’t judge me) that she was one of the people I looked up to. It’s so great to see she’s doing so well and even started her own fashion line. Truly an inspirational article. And hey - she’s hiring!

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens

So this is not really an online article but an actual book! Not fashion related but this was such a goood read. It’s a little slow to get into but I promise it’s worth it. It gives you all the feels, makes you wanna laugh, makes you wanna cry, and takes you down a trip of memory lane of maybe your first and second loves.

On that note, I recently started a book club with my friend Christina and we’ve been coming together a couple times a month for brunch and discussions. I started a little Instagram account actually ~ if any of y’all are interested in joining. It’s called Bad Babes with Books and we’re starting our third book if you want to join. Anyone can join, but we focus on female authors and women empowerment.

In any case, hope you enjoy this month’s round-up! I’m a fan of reading and consuming things that keep my creative mind and soul happy, so I love sharing these with you. If you have a good read, podcast, book, or blog for me to check out ~ pls pls drop a link in the comments.

Would love to hear from ya.