Cute Spots to Eat Brunch in LA

The Ivy On the Shore Restaurant, Santa Monica

The Ivy On the Shore Restaurant, Santa Monica

I love grabbing brunch or dinner at a place that has amazing food and chic decor. I’m a virgo so aesthetics are always a priority for me lol. Whenever I go somewhere to travel, I always try and find hidden gems to go to that aren’t super touristy or mainstream. So as a Los Angeles native, I want to share a couple of places I went to recently if you’re in the mood for great food and cute interiors.

The Ivy on the Shore, Santa Monica

ivy restaurant

This place is gorgeous - it looks like a dream on the outside. There’s pink flowers resembling ivy draping on the outside, and it’s painted a muted shade of green. The inside (pictured above) shows its cute pink interior with antique framing. And if you go there right at golden hour, you’ll have a pretty solid view of the beach on the patio.

The food is a little pricy, but well worth it. I went here with a friend and we ended up splitting an app and an entree. (Not to mention, their dessert is amazeee also ugh.)

Mardi Restaurant, West Hollywood at Palihouse

This cute little spot is perfect for brunch. It has a unique print on its floors and its interior is so chic. I believe their seating is only in the patio, so make sure you pick a nice day out to enjoy. Also in love with the simple architecture in front of the Palihouse (more pics here). Loved their steamed mussels and clams, and also would advise on getting the grapefruit mimosa if you plan on going.

Openaire (formerly known as The Commissary), Koreatown

commissary los angeles

My book club had one of its meetings here and it’s honestly such a dreamy place to dine at. It’s pretty much an elevated greenhouse. For brunch, I’d suggest making a reservation in advance because the place fills up quick (you can do that here).

Pikoh, Los Angeles

pikoh los angeles

This little spot just off of Santa Monica is one of my new favorites. Mostly because it’s near my work, but also because they have a killer drink menu. I would also highly recommend going for their happy hour, where they offer small bites.

What’s your go-to spots in LA? Or if you have any faves I may not have heard of, pls shareee and comment below! Love exploring and being a tourist in my own city.