My Day at Disneyland aka the Happiest Place on Earth

Disneyland sweater, Urban Outfitters mini backpack FILA white tennis shoes

Disneyland sweater, Urban Outfitters mini backpack
FILA white tennis shoes

Recently I just went to the Happiest Place on Earth and had a Disney date with my boyfriend. Now, my boyfriend hates Disneyland, just so everyone knows. I used to love it (used to be a proud passholder) but now that I’m older I get really tired of the lines easily and just prefer strolling around and eating all the best snacks tbh (literally the best part).

That being said, I had the best time when we last went. We were able to fast pass a couple rides, do some interactive parts, and had an amazing view for World of Color. Honestly, I’ve gone a couple of times, and not every Disney date goes that smoothly, truust me.

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It’s such cool place to visit (esp if you’ve never been) and there’s so much more to the parks than just the rides. IDK, I’m a nerd and I like roaming around and just walking around the park haha. Plus, nobody likes to just wait in line after line and have a 2 minute ride breaks in-between. Especially as a twenty-something, you need good food, drinks, and interactive shit.

So, if you’re planning on going here on a date soon, or if you’re lucky enough that your boyfriend has offered to take you, here a couple of tips I’d recommend to make sure you’re getting the most out of your (now probably overly priced) ticket:

Get the Disneyland App (and MaxPass)

I remember when I first used to go in high school, and the only way of knowing the wait times were going to the sign in the middle of the park that would show you all the rides at once. Now, you can see the wait times for both parks on the app.

Also, I recommend upgrading to the MaxPass. Its $15 per person, but you are allowed to fast pass a new ride every two hours. AND you know all those professional photographers that take your photo when you come into the park that nobody buys? Well, you can get those for free with the app - straight to your phone. I’m not big on these kind of photos, but my boyfriend and I definitely took it as an opportunity to get the most out of the app, and we took every photo op possible haha. Did I mention that it includes all ride photos too?

Check for Exclusive Experiences

Because of the app, we saw that there was an exclusive sneak preview showing of the live action film Aladdin. Since this is my favorite disney movie, I was stoked that we were able to see a snippet of it at the Opera House on Main Street (for free)! It was a pretty cool experience, and honestly I wouldn’t have known about it other wise.

Eat All the Good Food

This is obvious and there are sooo many options, but these are my favorite things to eat at Disneyland:

  • Their pre-packaged flavored popcorn (parm garlic, maple bacon, mmm)

  • Their clam chowder bread bowl by the Pirates of the Caribbean ride

  • Anything from the cones at California Disney (but specifically their popcorn and bacon mac & cheese)

  • Meat skewers by Tarzan (they’re such great little bite-sized snacks)

  • Micheladas with Golden Road mango beer

  • Ice cream from the Gibson Girl Parlour

  • Donuts from Lamplight Lounge

Most of our day consisted of just snacking and walking around with some treats and drinks in hand.

Draw at Animation Academy

I’m probably super nerdy for including this, but at California Disney, they have a 15-min workshop where they teach you how to draw Disney characters. I always get a kick out of doing this, and it’s a change of pace from the never ending lines.

Make a Reservation at LampLight Lounge

If you want to see World of Color from a view, I’d plan to make a reservation at this place for about 7:30 PM. It was perfect timing for us to see the show from our seats, and definitely had a romantic-esque vibe. I’d call in advance if you know you’re already planning your trip! Plus, they have amazing food (try the lobster nachos and the Sequel cocktail drink for a treat)!

Hope you enjoyed and get to have a magical day the next time you go!