My Home Decor Summer Project



I’ve been talking about this so much lately but recently I’ve been so inspired by HGTV. My hulu started working again and I’ve been binging Fixer Upper haha. If you haven’t watched, they pretty much have a homeowner’s dream job. This couple goes around and finds cheap houses that need some fixing, and basically flip the house to make it look brand new at a reallyyy reduced cost (keep in mind, this is in Texas though). The guy handles the construction side of things and she does the interior decorating for the whole place (and yes, I’ve already tried convincing my bf to quit our day jobs and pursue this dream but he’s bluntly turned me down).

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In any case, the show’s inspired me to take some pride in our place and do a little fixer upping of our own. While we don’t own our property (we live in a little one bedroom apartment in LA), I think we can definitely open up our space by repainting some of our furniture, hanging up decor on the walls, and investing in some greenery.

I’ve made it my personal summer project to have our entire apt redecorated by the end of July. I’m taking Marie Kondo meets Fixer Upper for the DIY project of our lives. This is my to-do list so far:

  • Redecorate the living room and lighten up our space

  • Put a fresh coating of paint on any old furniture and hang up all of our decor

  • Add personality and keep things within a soft tone in our bedroom

  • Maintain aesthetics but maximize space in our bathroom

  • List and hopefully sell any items we don’t need anymore

  • Stay within a modest budget and save where we can

  • Make Chip & Joanna Gaines proud

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So I’ll document and be sure to share my updates here as I go along, but if any of you have advice or tips on where to find cool furniture, please drop a comment and let me know. My friend just told me she found bunch of stuff at thrift stores, and personally I could not stop getting inspo from walking around Row DTLA yesterday - but happy to receive any other info. :)