How to Have a Hot Girl Summer

Urban Outfitters  black bell sleeve top,  Levi’s  shorts,  Mejuri  necklace

Urban Outfitters black bell sleeve top, Levi’s shorts, Mejuri necklace

If you’re on Instagram, or any sort of social media for that matter, you’ve probably heard the coined term or some variation of ‘hot girl summer’ recently. I mean, if the LA Times is writing about it, that mean it’s passed from the youths to the mainstream and is pretty much national news now.

I saw the article and also heard a bit about the background from some of my friends. Turns out THE ultimate hot girl is 24-year-old Houston rapper Megan aka @theestallion aka ‘Hot Girl Meg.’ But what she’s done with her new song is something to the effect of what Lizzo’s done: empower women to be their most confident, hot selves and I am so here for it.

In short, if you’re looking for a textbook definition of the phrase, I’m just going to break it down for ya and let you know you’re overthinking it. All I can say is that ‘hot girl summer’ means to me not really giving a fuck, being confident, and having the best summer of your life. And I have to tell you, I am two weeks into keto and I am FEELIN’ THIS.

So for me personally, I’m taking it to embrace just being young and loving myself. 2019 has really mostly been about self-love, self-care and self-realization for me; and a lot of that has broken down into being confident and happy from within.

I’m feeling good this summer, and I’ve got two upcoming vacations that I’m really looking forward too. Hot girl summer is here y’all, better keep up!

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