Spill the Tea: Favorite Blogs to Read

Mejuri necklace

Mejuri necklace

When I was an editor at FashionUnited, I used to write over 60 articles a month surrounding fashion news including trends, shows, and all things on the business side of fashion. Now that I’m able to branch out onto my own blog, I realized that writing those articles really forced me to be ‘in-the-know’ with all things fashion and to know every single update as soon as it happened (thank you, WWD).

Now, I’m not as attuned with everything as it happens but I did want to introduce this new series to my blog where I share with you some highlights each month and some really good reads. Like why is Kanye selling a crew neck for $225? What are the most sustainable brands you can shop for? (thank you #EarthDay). And is wellness a fashion trend?

While I won’t bore you with my take on every single one of these, I will leave you with my round-up of favorite blogs I’ve read this month. These are some pieces that are just interesting to read (and okay, one shameless plug), from someone who truly enjoys reading about fashion and not taking it so seriously all the time. If you have some downtime this week, check these out:

Monthly Round-Up

How Wellness Is Shaping the Biggest Spring Fashion Trend

ManRepeller is one of my favorite websites and inspired me to start my own blog, so you can never go wrong on their page. I love their clever writing style ugh.

Earth Month: How I’m Trying To Reduce Waste

How to give back during this Earth Month (Earth Day, Week? idk). One of my favorite bloggers and friends, Stephanie, did this piece that I thought was really interesting on how to stay conscious in fashion and in just life in general.

3 Women in Their 60s on Whether “Success” Is a Myth

Another MR fave. Always love hearing about success stories from strong, empowered women too.

4 Marketing Lessons to Learn from Kanye’s Sunday Service

Okay, okay, so I wrote this piece for the company I work for (a marketing consultancy). Just couldn’t stay away from an opportunity to write about Kanye.. also was just a liitttle bitter he only went to Weekend 2.

Gwyneth x Dax Shepard: On Triggers and Self-Esteem

K not an article but I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast with Dax Sheppard. They’re so raw and comfortable with each other and it was honestly a light listen through my work day. <3

9 Things Happy, Healthy People DON’T Have in Their Bedrooms

Can’t get on board with no. 7, but as someone who’s making it a personal summer project to redecorate our apartment, I love most of these ideas.

11 Next-Level Mother’s Day Gifts

Gift guide from goop. That pajama set though.. do I have to become a mother to start asking for gifts like this?

Top Shelf After Dark: Imaan Hammam, Model

But Imaan is a dream come true and shares her favorite beauty products & skincare secrets.. and that she loves deep tissue massages (me too, girl).

Hope you enjoyed this month’s round up, and pls comment any of your favorite blogs or websites to read! Always looking for new inspo.