(Shelf) Love: Best Primer to Use

Glossier  priming moisturizer,  Ouai  volume hair spray

Glossier priming moisturizer, Ouai volume hair spray

I’ve decided to start this new segment on my blog called (Shelf) Love to talk about some of my favorite skincare and beauty products. I’ve been asked a couple times for recommendations and figured I’d highlight some of my must-haves with you guys.

I’m not big on a ton of makeup and I usually like to have a pretty natural look (although I love adding a winged eyeliner, must be the hapa part of me haha). So for me personally, moisturizers and primers are essentials. I probably have more of these than foundation or concealers around actually. I think that’s because a really great primer can make all the difference in your look, as well as help with long-lasting results.

My co-worker recommended this Glossier priming moisturizer and I’m obsessed with it. I love that it acts as 2-in-1 because it’s also a moisturizer. I have really dry skin, so for me, hydrating cremes are always a plus.

Here are my ratings for this Glossier fave ~

Feel: This creme feels medium to light-weight and was pretty easy to apply. I just squeezed out a medium-sized dab and spread it all over. It has somewhat of the texture of a light sunscreen.

Packaging: Obviously anything from Glossier is always going to be insta-worthy, haha. To me, I’m actually pretty bias towards aesthetics so I’m going to give this one an A+.

Perseverance: I applied this in the morning before my normal everyday makeup routine and so far it’s been lasting throughout the day, without letting my skin get too dry. For me, what really makes a primer good is how long it will last on your skin, and I’m all about those all-day-long, durable products.

Lasting thoughts: 8.5/10 would recommend. I only wish that the texture was a little lighter, sometimes it takes a while to fully blend in before I’m able to apply my makeup. But overall, still a great product! Probably my favorite priming and hydrating combo.


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